26' twin diesel Regal

This 26'er twin Yanmar diesel runs the waters of British Columbia, BC

******FOR SALE********* 29' twin diesel Regal (price just reduced to $190,000)

This 29' twin diesel is FOR SALE and a terrific buy.  It's last years show boat and sports a wrap around removable rear deck seating such as pontoon boats yet thhis boat was running the Atlantic Ocean with ease.  Call use for details on this terrific looking and running boat.

24' engine forward Regal

This 24' engine forward Regal is now being used for the Wounded Warrior Project.  The owner Brett Miller takes many many wounded vets out fishing in Hells Canyon.  Way to go Brett!!!

28' twin diesel Regal

This 28' twin Yanmar 8LV marine V8 diesel engines are also twin turbo-charged.  This boat runs the wild Yukon River in the Yukon.  The customer hauls equipment and supplies far up river shaving hours off his trip by river over the rough roads.

25' twin diesel Regal

This 25' twin diesel was built to run the shallow rivers around Michigan along with the large waves of the Great Lakes.

26' twin diesel Regal

This twin diesel Regal was built to run the Bow river around Calgary, AB and lakes of BC, Canada.


23' engine forward Regal

This 23' engine forward Regal was built to run the Snake River in Idaho and mainly used for fishing.

26' engine forward Regal

A 26' engine forward Regal that fishes the area of Slave Lake, AB Canada.

23' engine forward Regal

A 23' engine forward fishing beauty that will be fishing the waters of Ontario, Canada.

25' diesel Regal

This 25' Precision Weld Regal was the first boat in the world to get Yanmar's new 8LV twin turbo-charged V8 diesel.  It has production engine #1 and runs the heavy whitewater of the Snake River in Hell's Canyon.