26' twin 5.7L Regal

This 26' twin powered V8 lives near Hell's Canyon on the Snake River in Asotin, WA where it's used for camping and fishing.

24' diesel Regal

This 24' diesel is built for fishing and camping in Farmington, NM.

28' twin diesel Regal

This 28' twin diesel is powered with twin Yanamr 6LP engines and Hamilton 241 jet drives.

25' engine forward diesel Regal

This 25' engine forward diesel fishes Sturgeon and Salmon in Oregon.

23' diesel Open Guide Series

A 23' diesel open model for group fishing trips around Forsyth, MT.

25' engine forward diesel Regal

This diesel Regal lives in Northern BC and is used by the family  for fishing and hunting in many lakes.

22' engine forward Custom

This sporty 22' is built light for running shallow waters in BC, Canada.

24' diesel Regal

This 24' Diesel Regal lives in Whitebird, ID and runs the whitewater of the Salmon and Snake Rivers.